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Our specialty: your customized application

NewTelApps is a new digital agency that offers mobile and tablet applications as well as « tailor-made » websites. Whether it’s for your stores, for your showroom or as part of an event, we make your application together to meet your needs.;

With several years of experience in the development of event-driven mobile applications, our team has the know-how to develop applications that can work with and / or without Internet connection.


Our services

At your request, we can provide you with:

  • Lead Management Application
  • Event website
  • Specific application
  • Digital catalog and digital totem
  • Catering Management Application
  • Equipment rental
  • On-site support
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    Lead Management Application

    Lets you retrieve qualified information from your prospects

    Your application

    We build together your custom application.


    The input form of the lead has many assistants to facilitate the input.


    The back-office tool allows to view the statistics in real time.


    Our tool allows to send emails of thanks to the propects by defining rules of sending.


    The exchanges with our servers are secured.


    Our teams train your prospectors to use the tool

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